Get Out From Behind Me Satan. Take All Of Your Hatred With You. Impeach Trump And Make America Great Again.

Is Trump the Modern Day Devil? via @HuffPostComedy

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Comments (4)

  1. stevehayes13

    Do you not think that demonising another human being is immoral?

    August 24, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Folks who demonized Hitler don’t think so.

      September 15, 2017
      1. stevehayes13

        Yes, I have noticed that too. But just because lots of people do something immoral does not make it moral.

        September 15, 2017
    2. jaageet

      Correct. Do you know why demonizing another human being is immoral? It’s because we are all pots calling the kettle black.

      September 15, 2017