The Devil

The Devil

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  1. pathos

    The devil is forking a diseased fat ass stalking mexican skank hoe thats mentally unstable and thinks everyone wants to be her or b just like her.Who wants to be mentally unstable and self medicating on vodka n prescription drugs with aspirations of dying from an overdose?Bwahahaha

    February 02, 2017
    1. justanothaboringblogg

      I’ve realized that myself. That’s why I have her on block. What a crazy Mexican fat cunt! Such a sad lonely desperate ho! She gets her burritos at POF. Now that’s a nasty ho! She eats cum off the dirty floors of restrooms where she meets her Johns. Any place, any time!

      February 03, 2017
  2. braydenbrodzky

    This quote is indeed an amazing one. As it tells us that just going to a sacred place or doing any prayers won’t help you as long as you won’t act on it you won’t be able to go the straight path and that’s what a devil desire actually. The also writes such motivated quotes.

    March 15, 2017