Trump Instigated More Trouble Than Any Other President.

Donald Trump Is Killing Us

Notes from the end of the world as we know it.

By Ryu Spaeth


August 14, 2017

As the crisis this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, reached its depressing nadir, a grim joke (is there any other kind anymore?) circulated through social media that went something like this: We are going to miss those days when all we had to worry about was a nuclear war with North Korea. The days in question, of course, came earlier that very week, when President Donald Trump ratcheted up tensions with Kim Jong-Un’s regime by declaring that he would unleash “fire and fury” on the country if it continued to threaten the United States. On Friday, mere hours before hundreds of neo-Nazis and white supremacists marched on Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, Trump tweeted that a military option for North Korea was “locked and loaded.” For no apparent reason at all, he then threatened Venezuela with possible military intervention.

What followed was a weekend of miserable hate theater: a sea of angry white faces, suffused with torchlight; the swastikas and Confederate flags on parade through the streets of an American city; the anti-Nazi counter-protests, which were disrupted when a car slammed into the crowd, scattering demonstrators like so many bowling pins and killing one woman; and the president of the United States refusing to condemn all this, saying “many sides” were responsible for what had happened in Charlottesville. It was a moment that will live in infamy, a low point for a presidency that seems to be composed of nothing but low points. And North Korea faded into what seemed like the distant past, another pile of wreckage in the great ruin that this president has made.

It would seem that the only thing these two crises have in common is Trump. He instigated both of them: in one case, by turning an impoverished totalitarian state thousands of miles away into his personal bête noire; in the other, by legitimizing the grievances of a pathetic group that believes people of other races are inherently inferior. In both instances he was guided by his north star, a white nationalist base that, depending on whom you ask, is either in its final reactionary throes or is experiencing a resurgence alongside its sister movements in Europe.

But what these crises also have in common is the psychological effect they have on the rest of us, joining a long chain of crises to form a single ur-crisis that hangs over our heads like a sword and from which there is no guarantee of reprieve. America has long been a country of hate and prejudice, of war and belligerence, but the last week was the latest evidence that there is something new and disorienting and dangerous afoot. It feels as if the whole world is coming off its hinges, and the vast majority of us can do nothing but watch it happen.

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Comments (5)

  1. This comment has been deleted
  2. jaageet

    Ryu’s mindset is typical anti-Trump hysteria sweeping the American landscape like a new fad. A craze has no rational basis other than a need to fuel a fashion trend till it runs out. Trump is actually the top-rated personality driving the news on every TV channel in the USA. He is the only star who is exciting to all folks – those who love him, as well as, those who hate him with a passion.

    August 20, 2017
    1. GovMisdirection

      This is not anti-Trump hysteria sweeping anything! It’s emotional Leftist anti-America propaganda.
      “America has long been a country of hate and prejudice, of war and belligerence,……… It feels as if the whole world is coming off its hinges…….”
      The emotional fatalism at the end pushes the Comrade’s Leftist’s belief that ‘we’ are all victims, this time of the evil Trump. Last time it was Bush and the next non-Leftist will ever worst, and crucified on a higher cross.

      August 21, 2017
      1. jaageet

        Anti-America? The liberals claim it is their America that Trump and his supporters, like you, are holding back and retarding.

        August 21, 2017
        1. GovMisdirection

          We are holding back their delusional idea of their nanny-state America, we are unwilling to be a slave to the government and pay 100% income tax to support those who will not work.

          August 21, 2017
  3. GovMisdirection

    The act of posting such crap that you obviously agree with is shameful. This is character assignation with no evidence and typical puke of a Leftist propagandist. You might have overlooked the underlying agenda of the enemy of the country who attacks with such crap as “America has long been a country of hate and prejudice….”. This article was not about Trump.

    August 21, 2017