When your enemies are the people who suppose to love you.

When your enemies are the people who suppose to love you.

And the enemies of the man are his own household.' ... A person's enemies will include members of his own family.' ... and a man's own family will be his foes. The worst kind of betrayal is when it's coming from family the ones you trust with your life.

Family the ones who smiles in your face but will put a knife in your back.

Family who will let the wolves in on you to rip you apart but will die protecting their other children.

Family who will drink and eat with your enemies but expect you not to eat and drink with theirs.

Family if they had five children hanging off a cliff and could only save four, you can bet the one they will let fall off the cliff will be you.

Family when they take the sides of their favorite children and turn on you no matter if you are right.

My comment is sometime you have to cut family loose, they can be very toxic and move on to something better for yourself you deserves better.

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  1. jaageet

    Sad but true. Cain clobbered Abel as written in the Bible.

    April 09, 2017